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Just by harnessing the POWER OF BREATH in 30 Days

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Yukthi Raj
Breathing Fitness Expert &
Wellnesspreneur, Globally certified Flow Coach.

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Success Stories

How this Breath Energy Masterclass will help you?

Over 12000+ people have attended the session

Beat stress, anxiety and depression

Beat stress, anxiety and depression

How you can overcome stress just be breathing right anytime and all the time without any medication

Prevent & manage Lifestyle disease

Prevent & manage Lifestyle disease

How breathing can help you to manage Obesity, Asthama, Respiratory issues, BP, diabetes and so on sustainably.

Build Immunity

Build Immunity

How just by practicing rhythmic breathing you can achieve strong immunity and overcome frequent aches and pains, cough, cold and fever.

Measure Your true Health

Measure Your true Health

It’s not your Body mass Index or pulse rate that tells you how healthy you are now and whether your health is future ready or not. Take Self Health Assessement using Breathing tool.

Improve Cellular Oxygenation

Improve Cellular Oxygenation

How you can use breathing as a tool to oxygenate cells deeply, improving cellular level health and thus claim ideal health

Accelerate Your Fitness Journey

Accelerate Your Fitness Journey

Learn how you can adopt breathing fitness lifestyle to achieve sustainable results faster at physical, mental and emotional level

Be in present, stop overthinking

Be in present, stop overthinking

You can not take past breath, nor you can take future breath. Learn how you can be in present by connecting to your breath

Secret of Quality of Life

Secret of Quality of Life

Live healthier & longer by improving the quality of your life by harnessing the true power of breath

Breathing Transformation Stories

What You wil learn:

  • Learn are you Breathing Right or Not

  • Emotional states Vs breathing

  • Manage your stress triggers anytime and all the time

  • Boost your immunity without any powder or health shake

  • Cellular Health check up without spending money or much time

  • Breathe optimally to live healthier and longer

  • Top 10+ benefits of Breathing right and consciously

  • Harness the Power of Breath in short time

  • How to accelerate your fitness journey

  • Your 30 Days Plan to claim Ideal Health

I am already in love with my Breath & want to learn more and explore my life & the power of my breath.

Then you are at the right place.

Breath Energy Masterclass experience

Do you know

Why Breathing is such a powerful tool to reclaim health?

Research says that..

  • 80% of the population is Breathing wrong and is under permanent chronic stress.

  • 70% of the toxins are thrown out of your body system through your breath.

  • No amount of Nutrition or Exercise can Help you, if you are not Breathing RIGHT.

  • You deserve to live a disease-free and medication free life. Live your best possible future by claiming it now!



YukthiRaj Kishore

Breathing Fitness Expert & Wellnesspreneur, Globally certified Flow Coach

Hi, I am Yukthi Raj, Breathing Fitness Expert & Wellnesspreneur, Globally certified Flow Coach.

I am absolutely in LOVE with my BREATH…!

This LOVE to my Breath has transformed me as well as lot of people to whom I teach breathing fitness.

By the way, Are You in Love with Your Breath…?

My Struggles & Journey of Transformation..!

Like most of us, I studied engineering, did an MBA, started working in the corporate world.

I struggled a lot balancing health, personal life and corporate life.

I found myself trapped in a vicious cycle where I was fixing the symptoms not the root cause through medication and other methods.

I realized that it’s not only me but my colleagues at the workplace are also facing lot of stress and anxiety issues and feel deprived of mental peace..!

I was broken, desperate, miserable, suffering physically, mentally & emotionally..!

One day I found this Profound Knowledge of


And here began my journey of transformation..!

I could achieve immense results on physical, mental and emotional level ..!

I felt as if my Body and mind started regenerating..!

I could feel my heart started filling with the emotions of love, joy, gratitude, peace in abundance.

I was becoming fitter each day.

I was healing and nurturing and becoming limitless and fearless.

I was in awe with the improvement in my health…!

The results were so visible that everyone started asking me about the secrets of my transformation.

I shared those secrets and people started getting immense results.

When I trained people through Breath work, they started getting positive results not only physically but also emotionally.

 Physically they started having better energy levels through out the day, being more productive and happier than never before.

They experienced being able to manage stress.

They reported being able to sleep well.

They develop better control over emotion.

They could train themselves to be calm and stay positive.

All the above immense benefits, just by paying due attention to their breath..!

Since then..

I am on a mission to help people to connect to the power of their breath, attain mental peace and overcome stress and anxiety and spread this breath awareness to their families and societies.

The Most Powerful Healer is within YOU

Your Very OWN BREATH..!

Discover the



Breathing energy is revolutionizing how we measure good health.

  • It is not your % of your body fat, it is not your BMI(Body Mass Index), nor will your heart rate monitor reveal what’s really going on in your cells.

  • An eye opening revelation supported with latest scientific research says, “Breathing Fitness brings major paradigm shift in health and wellness industry that people are adopting now.“

  • Join my webinar to know how you can accelerate your fitness efforts using your very own BREATH without SPENDING much TIME

participant's experience

How BREATHING helped them..

Breathing has helped me so much...These sessions are not only extremely relaxing and instill calmness, it also helped me improve my oxygenation levels... My breath holding capacity has improved from 8-10 counts to 45 counts. I got introduced to numerous benefits of breathing correctly and experiencing something new all the time and she has opened my eyes towards how much we ignore the basis of our being "The BREATHE".
Manasi Kulshrestha
IT Professional, Working Mother
Hello, all, hello mam, today first time I could my breath for 90 sec!! Fink chi ka..i m so happy. Thank you for ur teAchings.
Dhink chi ka
Wah Lalita Chaudhari
Felt refreshing !! Enjoyed practicing in live session along with all the new and old members together. Joining the group (after cold shower bath) and engaging in powerful Nirvava exercises brings another level of energy which can't be experienced when done all alone without any guidance and team spirit. Hope our new members are feeling the difference!! See you all tomorrow.. Good Day !!
Wah Rajesh
It's very good opportunity for us learning on breathing ... N how to manage stress... anger. tips are much more useful to us.... Thank you madam
Never knew that my Breath is so powerful. I am a working mother with a small baby. So my nights are usually sleepless. Sometimes, even after sleeping for 6 hours, I don't feel fresh. However in today's session of 20 minutes, I felt so fresh, relaxed and energized that I dint feel even after the whole night sleep.
Shivani K
Lecturer , Working Mother
Hi Yuki The Breathing technique presented by you was very good due to your clarity n the way u explained. I didn't find a flaw, though joined late as saw ur message late. U brought to the minds of the participants the form of conscious breathing, feeling the breathe n the point of child breathing in adult breathing difference. I went to a yoga class about 12 yrs ago, where the technique of breathing n stomach movement was explained. U did the same today. Am sure seriousness will show up in couple of sessions, when the participants get to know the benefits a practice daily as you sard The class was good in flawless I thank you for giving me this
Good morning Everyone! Today's class was simply fabulous.I have never experienced something so rhythmic and powerful. My whole perception towards breathing has changed.We did movements alongwith breathing which was not tiring but energizing.! can go and on as this is a very unique thing that I experienced. Thankyou soooo much Yukti.You are awesome.
Business Growth Debaani
At the end, when I sat, I felt the flow of Oxygen in my head. I never felt so refreshed. I don't remember when was the last time I felt so calm, relaxed and peaceful. Thanks for making me aware of my Breath..
K. Vani
Working Mother in IT Company
Good afternoon.....I'm Devaraj... Choreographer by profession...I'm Amazed to share my experience attended 5 days breathing fitness challenge program,I came to know the importance of breathing rather concentrating on other's important to know the correct way of breathing got many precious information of breathing which brought my stress, emotions, anxiety down.... looking through more to learn about breathing and other spritual and naturally connecting to our breathing.....thank you
BFC Devraj Bindu
Update: Hi, I had performed 61 sec, 62 sec holding on two days... Just to update... Enjoying breathing practice.. Not required award...just sharing happiness in holding and feeling strength behind holding... Wish every divine soul here beautiful holding power and energy.. Have a breatheful day..
Wah Partha Pratim Pal
It is just awesome. I was missing t so badly...hanks to you for coming up with this Skype classes us grateful to you

Learn how to Change the Way you BREATHE, to Change the LIFE You LIVE



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