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CONFUSED about this whole IDEA of BREATHING FITNESS? Are you someone having half-cooked information about BREATHING FITNESS? Are you someone ready to take the plunge into a holistic fitness Then you are at the right place...! Welcome to the world of YUKTINESS- Breathe Wellness in Abundance. Here, I handhold you and guide you to embrace wellness in your life through Breathing as well as spread this Breath Awareness to your families and societies.

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Yukti Raj Kishore, Women Wellnesspreneur
Yukti Raj Kishore,Women Wellnesspreneur

Hey, I am Yukti Raj. I always had this deep rooted urge to help people around. 

I have been into corporate world for more than 14 years. I realized the need to detox body and mind that’s essential to overcome stress, anxiety and lead a healthy lifestyle.

Few years back, I was breathing wrong and to the best of my efforts of taking nutritional diet and physical activities did not help me much to take out of the viscious cycle of various lifestyle diseases I was trapped.

Until one day, I came across this profound knowledge of Breathing Fitness. I realized the Power of Breath. I learnt, practiced, experimented and challenged myself with my very own BREATH. Each time, the results had mesmerised me, strengthening my conviction in the power of my very own Breath. I could transform my life and now aspire to help people to transform their lives. 

Finally, I found the purpose of my life. 


My Mission

I am on a mission to help 100,000 people to connect to the power of their breath, attain mental peace, overcome stress and anxieties and spread breath awareness to their families and societies.

Are you ready to take charge of your Breathing Fitness?

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