I am glad that you have reached here to know me..:)

I feel blessed to virtually connect to you here as you go ahead and read and become part of my journey.

Like most of us, I studied engineering, did an MBA, started working in the corporate world. I worked as a lecturer initially and as a digital marketer in the corporate world for more than 14 years.

 I realized that people at the workplace face lot of stress and anxiety issues.

They are ignorant of their breathing pattern, they breathe shallow or restrictive breathing, tend to eat unhealthy processed food, and lead a sedentary lifestyle sitting for long hours and glued to their electronic screens.

I found them trapped in a vicious cycle where they do not know how to come out of it as Abhimanyu stuck in chakravyuh in Mahabharat.

Or even if they know, they lack the motivation to stick to a healthy and holistic fitness regime.

Mental and emotional health is as much important as physical health however I came across people who want to fix the physical health issues without working on the inner thoughts and real causes. To align their energies, they needed to detox body and mind that was essential to overcome stress and lead a healthy holistic lifestyle.

While I was observing the people around me and their lifestyle, I started observing and fixing my lifestyle patterns and my thought process.

Now, when I look back I can reflect that the universe was also working on me. My search to know and adapt holistic fitness that involves body, mind, and soul was growing.

In fact, It was always there as I was introduced to yoga and meditation by my Babasaheb (grandfather) in my childhood. He sowed the seeds of spirituality in me.

I learned various forms of Yoga and kept on working on me.

I came across Nirvana Fitness, an ultimate body and mind detox system. Nirvana Fitness, which is a form of Breathing Fitness. Nirvana Fitness is a combination of Yoga, Pilates and Taichi movements, strong breathing techniques, deep meditative music, and powerful intentions…!


Here begins my journey with my Breathing Fitness. I finally found solace and deeper connection with Breathing, so much so that it has become the way of life for me. I could transform my life on all 3 levels- physical, mental, and emotional levels.

Now aspire to help people to transform their lives by harnessing the power of your very own breath. 

I always felt this deep urge to contribute to society and help people. Instead of desk work, I always enjoyed guiding and mentoring people around me.

So finally I followed my heart and left the high paying corporate job.

Now I take immense pride to be a Breathing Fitness Expert.

Being a Nirvana Fitness Ambassador and Flow Coach has further expanded my horizon to work on 360-degree fitness using Breath.

Breathing is the only bodily rhythm that we can ably control and harness breathing power to improve our physical, mental & emotional health.

All we need to understand and work is master the Art of Breathing so much so that you become aware of your whole well being. 

I also strongly believe,”A woman is the center of family, society, and universe.” Women are powerful. I have experienced that a healthy and happy woman radiates positivity that further mould her family and society.

With this deep intention of being a facilitator to help people to connect to the power of their breath, I founded – YUKTINESS- Breathe Wellness in Abundance.

Gain the Breathing skills for Happiness, Wellness & Fitness.

I am on a mission to help 100,000 people to connect to the power of their breath, overcome stress and anxiety, attain mental peace, spread breath awareness and lead the fulfilling, healthy life of their choice.

 I have this deep urge to inspire women to take charge of their wellness.

Breathing Fitness, women & family fitness, and kid’s fitness are some of the areas that are very close to my heart.

I strongly believe in the intentions and power of the subconscious mind that guides me.

I am grateful to you for spending your valuable time to be with me till here.

Let’s continue as…

“Fitness is a journey, Not a destination.”

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I am grateful to you.

You are awesome..!

We breathe the same air. Let’s breathe together.

To your Wellness,

Yukti Raj